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Privacy Policy.

Information Input

Impersonal information such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system, browser, and Internet service provider, may be requested on visit to the site. These types of information do not constitute personal identification. On registration, response to advertisements or posts, or posting on the website without registering may also warrant provision of personal information such as your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, home country, zip code, fax numbers, gender, age, company name (if you desire to register with the Equlx.com Service). Your mobile number will be put on display for your posts, and the phone number you have linked to your account will be automatically agreed to be the destination of communication from our platform which can be automated calls or text messages etc. The communication may require confirmation and verification of the account with which you posted. Additional information may be collected, like scam alerts, new contact traders, keyword searches, etc. In the event of purchases, we utilize the services of third party credit card processing companies, and to monitor site traffic, other third party companies. These may, in some instances, store your information (refer below for more information). By using this website or the service, you agree to the procurement, storage, and utility of the personal information you provide for any of our services, and you agree to our collection of alterations or updates that you may supply to any information earlier provided and collected by Equlx.com Service.


Cookies are small text files of information stored on your computer after being transferred by your web server to your hard disk. Browsing history, date and time of visit, username, site preferences etc. are the types of information a cookie collects during your browsing session. We may use such cookies to keep track of information, manage our users’ sessions and facilitate storage of preferences and language selections, if you register with us or not. Sometimes, cookies on the website may be accessed and used by our third-party service providers, which we cannot manage. As a result, our Privacy Policy only covers the cookies we use, and not third parties. The enablement of the use of cookies is your choice, and you can enable or disable it whether you are a registered user or not. You can also configure your browser not to accept the use of cookies generally. However, declining the use of cookies may limit access to some features of the site like having difficulty logging in, or using the Equlx.com Service Forum, Comments feature, and other interactive features of the website.

Third Parties

To assist us in measuring and regulating sales and purchases on our website, monitor user interests and activities, and improve the site services generally, we have employed the use of third-party service providers. You therefore authorize Equlx.com Service and/or any third-party service providers employed by Equlx.com Service to acquire, utilize, store, process, reproduce, publish, and adapt the information in compatibility with your use of the website, for data analysis, and improvement of our website usage experience. Furthermore, links to third-party sites and information about services you may promote from our third-party service providers may be occasionally contained in and provided by Equlx.com Service through a variety of avenues, which also includes its multiplicity of communication and marketing channels. You reckon that this is an undertaking singly by Equlx.com Service for the improvement of the website user experience. The provision of such services shall be conditional upon such supplementary terms and conditions of Equlx.com Service and/or third-party service providers. Products of third-party service providers complementing services from such providers in relation to the advertisements posted on our website, may be provided for free or for a token by Equlx.com Service, without any obligations, be it monetary or otherwise, to you. Equlx.com shall not be held responsible for any payments made or services procured by you from third-party service providers. Concerns, complaints, and claims, in relation to such services, should be directed to such third-party service providers. Opening the links of these third-party websites access their sites, consequently redirecting you from our site. We will not be held responsible for the contents and services of these third-party websites, nor the security of personal information you supply to such websites. These third-party websites and third-party service providers may have their own privacy policies and principles guiding the storage and usage of your personal information they collect like browser specifications, operating systems, and IP addresses. Our Privacy Policy does not guide your personal information collected, stored, or used by these third-party service providers and third-party sites. Our recommendation is for you to scrutinize the privacy policy of these third-party sites on their governance and protection of your personal information. Ads are served to you via third-party advertisement companies on visit to the site. These companies may make use of information about your sessions on the website, and third-party websites to direct towards your advertisements of interest. These information do not include your name, address, email address, or phone number. Google, a third-party vendor, uses cookies to target ads on the website. The use of the DoubleClick DART Cookie by Google grants it the ability to direct ads to the website’s users based on the analysis of their visits to the website and third-party website. For more information on the DART Cookie see: http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html.

You may opt out of the use of the DART Cookie by Google by visiting the Google Ad and Content Network Privacy Policy at: http//www.google.com/privacy_ads.html. You may opt out of targeting advertising for all NAI member ad networks by visiting: http://www.networkadvertising.org/ . By publishing an ad on the Website, you acknowledge and agree that the Content is public and accessible by any third party and that they may appear in search engine results (such as Yahoo!, MSN, Google, Altavista, and other search engines) and in the cache of those search engines, in feeds and Third-Party Websites pursuant to cobranding agreements, and that it is the sole responsibility of each of those search engines, Third-Party Websites or RSS web feed resources to update and/or to remove Content from their indexes and their cache. You agree and acknowledge that Equlx.com is not responsible for the information published in search results or by any Third-Party Website that carries Equlx.com postings.

Information Usage

Information we acquire from you may be used to: (i) put our Terms of Use into action, oversee user activity such as keyword searches or new postings, and efficiently manage and control traffic on the website; (ii) furnish satisfactory customer services, create and handle user accounts; and (iii) assist users with technical difficulties. We may also share certain information with third-party service providers, such as user preferences, browser capabilities and operating system, which we have acquired to assist with the comprehension of advertisements and services of your interest. Users in certain countries or regions may be prohibited from accessing the services of the website. Even after the termination of the account, we may retain such information for as long as deemed fit by the site to fulfil its business objective.

Protection of Personal Information

We value our customers a lot and acknowledge the importance of the security of your privacy. Therefore, we ensure the safeguarding of the information you supply in several ways. Payments are not directly processed, and we do not hold on to your credit card information. In payment transactions with third-party service provider partners, such as CCAvenue, and PayPal, Secured Socket Layer (“SSL”) technology is utilized for processing. Your Registration Information may be secured by a special user ID, and a user password peculiar to each customer. Your password information is not meant to be shared with anyone, and never forget to log off when using a shared computer. Ultimately, you also have the option to make
use of the website as an anonymous user, without registering. We have security measures put in place to ensure the safety of your personal information. However, no method of electronic transaction is fool proof. We cannot guarantee the security of the personal information you supply during such transactions, despite the fact that we try as much as possible to use a commercially decent method. Consequently, you reckon and accept that we are not to be held responsible for any theft, loss, alteration, or misuse of personal or other information or content, which includes, but not limited to, information provided for the use of third-parties or other customers, or with respect to the inability of a third-party to conform to the agreement between us and such a party. As regards the involvement and postings in the Forum section, usernames will be posted and available to other customers. With respect to the Comments feature, your name and email will only be posted and made available to other users if you supply it in the comment. We strictly reprehend posting or including any information you want to keep private in any content you post on these features, or any other content online. You accept all responsibility for the safety of your password and username, and all activities on your account, either such activity is authorized or unauthorized.

Access and Modification of Personal Information and Communication

You reserve the right to access, delete, review, and/or make alterations to personal information you have supplied to us through the Contact Support Form. Posting or response to advertisements on the website are not hinged on registration. Registration or response to advertisements or posts on the website or posting content on the website may warrant certain notifications, messages, advertisements, surveys, promotions, specials, or phone calls relating to the services. You therefore agree to grant us and our service providers permission to reach you via phone calls or text messages without the possibility of a claim against Equlx.com or any of our service providers under any law applicable in any country or region. The permission also extends to notifications required by law, and some select notifications such as service-related notices or notices of changes to any of our policies. Examples of such notices are notices relating to server problems or scheduled maintenance of the website. You may need to deactivate your account to opt-out of receiving these mails and notifications. E-mails available for deactivation include our newsletters, advice on trading on the website, comment notifications on your posts, and refresh notifications on your posts. Your preferences will be left intact except you give us your consent to change them. It should be noted that you cannot opt-out of transactional communications from Equlx.com Service that are concerned with your account.


Infrequently, we may be required to produce your personal information due to legal or regulatory obligations. In scenarios such as these, we reserve the right to make known your personal information to fulfil our legal requirements and obligations, which might take the form of complying with court orders, discovery requests, warrants, service of process requirements, subpoenas, amongst others. The disclosure of personal information about users to law enforcement agents and others is another eventuality, with the intentions that such a disclosure is an unavoidable requisite in the enforcement of these Terms and/or Privacy Policy; in response to allegations of violation of the rights of a third party by any content; or to safeguard and maximize the enjoyment of rights, properties, and personal security of Equlx.com Service, and the general populace of our users and the public. You reckon and accept that we may make such disclosures without your prior or subsequent notice in accordance to this section. In the case that all our assets are sold or transferred to another party or company, such a party or company will be granted access to your personal information without your prior and/or subsequent consent. In the event of the sale or transfer of only a part of the business, the party taking possession of such a part will have access to your
personal information without your prior or subsequent consent. However, we may inform you of this sale, transfer or takeover.


We reserve the undisputable right to make alterations to these Terms and Policies time and time again, as at when we deem it fit. You may be notified of material alterations to these Terms, with the Privacy Policy and website in inclusion. You should always give close detail to the “last updated date” at the beginning of the terms. That will enable you to keep track of updates carried out on the Terms recently.


Any discontent with respect to your privacy are conditional to the letters of the Terms, with any provisions related to indemnification, limitations on damages, and choice of law and forum in inclusion, amongst others.

How to Reach Us

For any enquiries and clarifications about this Privacy Policy, please reach Equlx.com Service through e-mail at support@equlx.com, with “Privacy Policy” being the subject of the mail.