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About us

Equlx, exchange at equilibrium.


1. Mission Statement

With good faith, fuelled with the desire and hope of enabling every individual with the information and resources to achieve more every day. Bringing every tool and information on one innovative platform. This is just the beginning and there is a lot to come. Solving every human’s problem every new day, humanly.


2. Our Story

It started with the very simple problem called “Confusions”. We found it everywhere, may it be trying to get some information, using some online tool to get some work done, some platforms are good but they are not free, or even we agree to pay for there services, they are too expensive.

Now this question strikes us, are we really getting the best of the internet platforms and tools, probably not, they are complex, costly, and different platforms tell different story about the same thing.

We created a dream “equlx” – equilibrium to any X thing, making a win-win platform for every individual.


3. Our Values - Connect. Simplify. Achieve.



We believe in power of unity and aims to connect every individual on the planet to this platform with good faith so that they can share their available resources and knowledge with other and create new pool of opportunity.



Once its understood, its clear and simple to do. We aim to simplify the things that seems difficult at some point



Together with the above two values, we can achieve any thing that we look for, thus we want every individual to achieve his/her life goal.


Together we all can achieve a great future and the basic ingredient to that is “Good Faith”. We welcome every person on the plant to join us with good faith to achieve more.